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Emergency Alerts provides Alert Notification services for Private Groups, such as Schools, Organizations, and Corporations in order to inform the group's members of important, up-to-the-minute information.  School closings, Delayed openings, Early dismissal are some of the types of alerts Private Group members receive.  Private Group membership is by invitation only.

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In these days of uncertainties, you should give yourself and your family the security of having up-to-the-second information on Dangerous, Emergency situations.

The Emergency Broadcasting System is a good system.  But if you are not watching TV or listening to the radio you won't know that you need to evacuate your area or to take special precautions.

EmergencyAlerts will send YOU an alert message that is right for you.  You won't be bothered with hurricanes in Florida if you live in California.  A chemical attack in New York won't impact you in Texas.  However, based on the event and the size of the affected area, you will be notified when it is appropriate.  That's why we need the zip codes of the places you are most likely to be.  Based on that, EmergencyAlerts can determine your distance from a situation and send YOU an alert if you might be within the affected area.

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Disclaimers, Terms and Conditions:
This service and website are not affiliated with any Government Agency or any other Municipality.
Your service may be disrupted due to conditions beyond our control.
In no way is this service a guarantee you will be saved in case of emergency.
We are not responsible for failure to transmit an Emergency, and cannot be responsible for failures, delays, and other conditions by your wireless and/or internet service providers.
Your service provider may charge you a fee for receiving an alert.  Alerts are sent as SMS messages to your cell phone.
Maximum company liability is limited to a maximum of all fees charged and paid by the individual consumer to EmergencyAlerts.us.
Your information is kept private and is never sold or released without a court order.
Emergency Alerts reserves the right to limit the number of zip code areas covered per membership. (e.g. Entering zip codes from Maine to Hawaii as a coverage zone is disallowed.)
When joining a Private Group, your name and email address can be viewed by the Group's owner.  Your cell number and other information is not revealed.
Only paying subscribers receive Emergency Alerts sourced from the US Government's Emergency Broadcast System.


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